BBC East Midlands Today  (2015)

GTP in CSI:Cyber

General articles

2016 Washington Post The Next Level

2016 Veja_magazine  A fronteira do real

2016 Unwinnable Magazine  Game Transfer Phenomena: The original AR

2016 Discovery News Could VR Games Induce Hallucinations and Flashbacks?

2016 TV2 Norway Forsker: – Dataspill utløser hallusinasjoner hos de fleste

2016 FS Gamer. Game transfer phenomena: ¿qué es y cómo nos afecta?

2016 Telegraph Science. Most video game players experience flashbacks and hallucinations

2016 History Channel News Afirman que los videojuegos alteran el estado de conciencia

2016 Equity Arcade Study claims video games trigger flashbacks

2016 Pijama Surf Investigacion reciente advierte que jugar habitualmente videojuegos induce con frequencia estados alterados de conciencia y percepcion

2016  Geek & Sundry. Dude, want to alter your consciouness? Try video games

2015 Level Up. Cómo los videojuegos pueden invadir tu vida.

2015 Brain decoder 20 years later, the Tetris Effect has turned life into one giant video game

2015 Xatacaciencia. El síndrome que te hace creer que aún estás en un videojuego

2015 El Norte Destaca serie investigación de regia

2014 Psychology Today Video Games Invade the Real World

2014 Ventura Beat Seeing things: When gaming messes with reality — and your brain

2014 Boston Globe When the game shuts off and the brain doesn’t

2014 Polygon The merits of studying video games and the effects they have on our brains

2014 The Punk Effect Game Transfer Phenomena: When your brain just won’t stop playing

2014 Gamer.NL Hoe games onze hersenen beïnvloeden

2013 Udem ExaUDEM estudia el Game Transfer Phenomena

2011 New Scientist Level-up life: how gaming can enhance your reality

2011  Kotaku Study of Game transfer phenomena’ Examines Why Some Get Tetris-on-the-Brain

2011  Nubie. El Fenomeno de Transferencia del Juego


2016 The Atlantic Virtual Reality May Help You Control Your Dreams

2016 Discovery News Could VR Games Induce Hallucinations and Flashbacks?

2015 Nottingham Trent University Press. Potential impact of virtual reality on gamers’ wellbeing to be discussed at conference.

2015 We’re not talking about what VR is doing to our eyes … and our brains

2015 Nottingham Post. Game expert fears for health.

GTP & Gaming addiction

2016 El Horizonte  ¿Eres addiction los Video Juegos?

2015 The South Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare‘s campaign based on Game Transfer Phenomena experiences

2015  Comercial hace conciencia sobre adicción a los juegos en Corea.

Auditory GTP

2014 GameSpot Do You Hear Games’ Sounds After You’re Done Playing? You’re Not Alone, Study Finds

2014 Yahoo News  Pew! Pew! Some Video Gamers Hear Imaginary Sounds After Play

2014 Daily Mirror PS4 and Xbox One players ‘hear explosions and screams in real life’ after prolonged sessions

2014 Forbes  Gamers Still Hear ‘Explosions’ Hours After Playing

2014 Atomix El 12 de quienes padecen el game transfer phenomena reportan experiencias auditivas

2014 The Guardian  Do you hear things after playing video games? There’s a name for that

2014 The telegraph Gamers ‘hear screams and explosions’ after long sessions

2014 The Independent   Gamers still hear gunfire, screams and falling coins days after playing, study finds

2014 Skynews Study finds gamers ‘hear sounds after play’

2014 Mirror PS4 and Xbox One players ‘hear explosions and screams in real life’ after prolonged sessions


2014 Sky News  Gamers ‘Hearing Voices Long After Playing’

2014 Further research suggests that gaming can lead to auditory hallucinations

2014 SidomiNews Game Transfer Phenomena: Fenomena Unik yang Terjadi Pada Para Gamer

2014  Hoort u ook nog geluiden ná een videogame?

2014 Aftonbladet Spel kan få användarna att ”höra i syne” efteråt

2014 NewsToday_India Videogamers heard sound long after playing

Automatic Thoughts and behaviours

2014 The Telegraph Excessive gaming ‘can cause involuntary actions’

2014 Examiner New study shows gaming can further affect one’s cognitive abilities

2012 Multimedios estrellas de Oro Monterrey Cuando la fantasía brinca del televisor a la realidad

Visual GTP

2014 A case of Google Glasses ‘addiction’ linked to Game Transfer Phenomena

2014 – (The Sciences of us) Your Google Glasses Might Make You Hallucinate a Little

2014 Polygon The merits of studying video games and the effects they have on our brains

2014 Boston Globe When the game shuts off and the brain doesn’t

2014 Ventura Beat Seeing things: When gaming messes with reality — and your brain

2014 So Magazine (School of Social Science Magazine Nottingham Trent University). Study shows how video gamers experience altered visual perceptions after playing.

2014 The independent -Better than real life: Gamers report video-game mechanics appearing in their vision Irish 

2014 Telegraph – Gamers who play for hours ‘prone to hallucinations’

2014 Irish Metro- Gamers hallucinate and get flashbacks

2014 Atomix. No es que este loco, tengo el fenomeno visual de transferencia del juego

2014 Studio Studiare i Game Transfer Phenomena: come i videogiochi influenzano la realtà

2014 Nottingham Trent University News  Study shows how video gamers experience altered visual perceptions after playing

2014 De ser spillelementer i den virkelige verden

2014 Level UP ESTUDIO: juegos alterarían percepción visual de la realidad

2014 Secondo uno studio, gli utenti che giocano per molte ore sono inclini ad allucinazioni

GTP interview study

2013 El Porvenir.  Investiga ExaUDEM impacto de videojuegos en jóvenes

2011 BBC 5Live Double Take – Game transfer phenomena

2011 Metro Gamers can’t tell real world from fantasy, say researchers

2011 NHS UK  Video games ‘blur reality’, claims newspaper

2011 Game Spot New study finds games altering perceptions of reality

2011 Study Explores ‘Game Transfer Phenomena’

2011 Rock paper shot gun Fantasy And Reality: Can Gamers Tell?

2011 The Guardian Game transfer phenomena’ and the problem of perception

Read what motivates my research: ExaUDEM estudia el Game Transfer Phenomena


2012 The Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology. Impacts of Video Games

2011 PhD i focus. Nottingham Trent  Newsletter. Psychological Well-Being & Mental Health. (Page7). Spring 2012.


BBC Nottingham (2014) GTP auditory experiences. Minute 01:26

BBC World Service -Click

Violent video games and the brain (2012)

Just how bbc_click_gtpdamaging are violent video games to the developing minds of adolescents and young adults, especially males? A new study from the USA using brain scans suggests that there may be significant changes to brain activity following regular playing of video games. Tom Hummer, an assistant professor of psychiatry at Indiana University in the USA discusses the outcomes of his study. Click is also joined by Angelica Ortiz de Gortari from Nottingham Trent University, in the UK, who is a specialist in Game Transfer Phenomena.

Brain Gain or Drain (2011) Interview about how the research about GTP started. The first Game Transfer Phenomena Study

Brain Gain or Drain_GTP

My guest this week is Angelica Ortiz de Gortari, who will talk about the Game Transfer Phenomena. This young woman is working on her doctoral degree in the International Gaming Research Unit at Nottingham Trent University in the United Kingdom. Originally from Mexico, Angelica has been fascinated with gaming and it’s effects for some time. Just as with my work on the effects of gaming on dreams, Angelica has found that when awake the game remains alive after the play ceases. That is, both intentionally and unintentionally gamers continue to use game based experiences in the real world. Angelica points to a wide variety of instances in her article which is about to appear in the International Journal of Cyber Behavior, Psychology and Learning. She points out that the more engaged in the game the player is the more likely they are to experienced game transfer to waking reality. She notes in her article that “Approximately half of the participants reported having thoughts about using elements from video games to resolve real life issues such as: using a boomerang or a hook, using a gravity gun to get things they cannot reach, zoom with sniper rifle to see something faraway, etc.


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