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Talk: Game Transfer Phenomena- Foro Internacional del Juego (DEVHR6)

devr6-uib-u_cA couple of weeks ago, I gave a talk at the DEVHR6 -Foro International del Juego.

I really appreciated this invitation, since I consider it indispensable to build communication bridges between the different spheres involved in video games and learn from our different perspectives.

Here you can watch my talk I specially prepared for the video game developers at the conference.Video courtesy of  Cyad Tv of the division Design Sciences and Arts in the Metropolitan Autonomous University (UNAM) in Mexico City.

Further down you can also find the presentation itself and the videos I showed at the conference.

My talk at DEVHR6


Main videos used in my presentation with sub-titles in Spanish

Parody on GTP courtesy Ginx TV

Gamers’ thoughts and their GTP experiences

GTP in CSI: Cyber (Spanish)

GTP in CSI: Cyber (English)


Video report on GTP, 100,000 views!

db387cec24f8dd1a69e9a138f82eb48eb79f4821_full Rodrigo Villanueva from has put together a video report on the latest study about prevalence of GTP.

Almost 100,000 people have watched it in just a few days!

Check out the gamers’ comments and share your one!


Hilarious Candy Crush The Movie (Official Fake Trailer)

If you have not watched this video then you should! I really like it, especially the end 🙂

Subscribe to the GTP YouTube channel

You are welcome to visit and subscribe to my GTP YouTube channel.


Here I have compiled a large collection of videos related to GTP, news about GTP and my own videos about GTP.

News about GTP

Fun and creative videos related to GTP

My own videos about GTP

GTP adventures compilation video #1: Visual experiences

Check out this video I created with a collection of the cartoons about visual GTP experiences. I hope you will enjoy it, if not I am waiting for the tomatoes. 🙂

Super Mario Beads 3

Here is a nice animated film made by Lefvandebilder (Marcus Knutsson. Hannes Knutsson, Christoffer Guilotte, Martin Jansson).

Game on. Gamification & GTP

One of my favorite ads;)

Top 5 ways to tell you’ve been playing too much Deus Ex

Heavy rain- Menus IRL

Some players have reported organizing real life information using video game menus as mind visualization or actually seeing video games elements overlaying real life objects.

Super hero adventures-Skyrim

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